You can run your own course with a group of like minded people either in person or virtually online.

Our courses have been designed for you to go through them with a group of friends, family or like-minded spiritual beings, where you can learn and exchange ideas together.  Your ideal group size should be 8 – 10 people maximum.

You can also complete the courses as a solo learner. Either way, you will benefit from this amazing wisdom.

How to run a Wisdom Group

  • 1. Agree a location, date and time.
    It is helpful to set weekly, fortnightly, monthly date and time so everyone can plan in advance. To help group communication you can set-up a WhatsApp group or email group.

  • 2. Choose venue / online platform.
    In person
    - The host and participants should choose a venue that is a reasonable distance for everyone within the group to travel to.

    Suggested types of venues: your local temple community hall, cafe, or someone’s home. Consider a backup venue just in case your primary one becomes unavailable at short notice.

    Online - The host and participants should choose an online platform to use.

    Suggested conferencing apps: Zoom and MS Teams are in wide use and available in both free and paid versions.

  • 3. Create an account on
    and register to the preferred course.

    It is advisable to download the course in advance so there are minimal technical issues when running the course.

  • 4. Send a meeting reminder.
    A few days before send a meeting reminder message/ email including venue details/ video conferencing link, date and time.

  • 5. Set-up and welcome guests.
    In person - The host and helper (if applicable) should arrive at the venue slightly early to prepare. as they arrive.

    Online - The host should ensure they start their group call a few minutes early, check technical settings, ensure mic and video are working.

  • 6. Start the session.
    Once everyone is settled into the space the host can start the session.

    Instructions of how to run each session can be found in ‘Notes For Facilitator’ section of the course.

What does a Wisdom Group session look like?

  • Connect

    Whether in person or virtually with a cup of tea, all sessions start with a time to connect, relax and build friendships.

  • Watch

    You will then all watch and go through a lesson of the course together.

    All lessons explore the big issues of life using spiritual wisdom and uncover new ways to understand this amazing wisdom and how to connect it to your life.

  • Discuss

    Discussion time is recommended at the end of each lesson. it is an opportunity for people to respond to the lesson, to talk about the lesson questions, to hear from others and contribute their own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment.