• Who Is This For?

    Anyone looking to transform their religious beliefs into a deeper experiential practice. Anyone wishing to understand how to apply spiritual wisdom. Anyone wanting to reduce stress and live a more balanced life.

  • What Will I Learn?

    Why do bad things happen to me? What is my life about? Why do negative thoughts occur and how to change them. How can I overcome struggles and challenges in my life? Introducing mindfulness and meditation. Guided meditations to reduce stress and promote inner peace.

  • Non-profit

    Nanak Naam is a 100% non-profit organisation. All money raised from this course will go directly back into the charity to fund the creation of more educational resources to spread spiritual wisdom.

Course reviews

What do people say about this course?

  • Paradigm shift

    "I can feel such a shift in my mind and body after attending this masterclass"

  • WOW!

    "I am so grateful to that you have put this course online. After just completing the course, I am left feeling with a deep, profound love radiating from inside. Satpal Singh has presented the Guru's wisdom beautifully using real life examples, drawing from his own personal experiences and practice. I felt like all my questions were answered even though the course is online."

  • Priceless

    "Phenomenal experience! So wonderful learning about oneness and truly awakening the Guru within"

Course curriculum

What will I learn on this course?

    1. Masterclass intro video

    2. Welcome message from Satpal

    3. Learning outcomes

    1. PDF: Download and print the course workbook

    2. QUESTION: Write down your intentions

    1. Learning outcomes

    2. QUESTION: Describe how you feel about your life

    3. QUESTION: Rate how you feel

    4. VIDEO: Why are you here today?

    5. QUESTION: What Is Life About?

    6. VIDEO: What is life about?

    7. VIDEO: My stroke of insight (Jill Bolte Taylor)

    8. VIDEO: What is real?

    9. VIDEO: Your questions on Oneness

    1. Learning outcomes

    2. VIDEO: Spirituality & Me

    3. QUESTION: Understanding Myself

    4. VIDEO: Who am I? (Part 1)

    5. MEDITATION 1: My Thoughts

    6. MEDITATION 2: My Awareness

    7. VIDEO: Who am I? (Part 2)

    8. VIDEO: Your Questions on the Self

    1. Learning outcomes

    2. MEDITATION: Invocation

    3. QUESTION: Overcoming Obstacles

    4. VIDEO: Why Do We Suffer?

    5. VIDEO: Understanding Our Emotions

    6. VIDEO: Expectations

    7. VIDEO: Desires

    8. VIDEO: Blame And Forgiveness

    9. VIDEO: Your Questions on Overcoming Obstacles

    10. QUESTION: What Happened?

    1. Learning outcomes

    2. VIDEO: Spiritual Development

    3. QUESTION: What spiritual goals do you have?

    4. VIDEO: Four Stages Of Spiritual Development

    5. QUESTION: Spiritual Development

About this course

  • 4 Lessons
  • 8 Hours of learning
  • For groups or individuals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the sessions live or prerecorded?

    Each module of the Awaken the Guru Within Masterclass is prerecorded allowing you to access the materials at any time that suits you.

  • What will I need for this masterclass?

    The course comes with an accompanying PDF booklet with questions for you to answer. You will need access to a printer. Alternately you can answer the questions on a separate notepad.

  • Do I need to have any prior knowledge or experience?

    No, this masterclass is delivered in English and has been designed for everyone with no previous knowledge or experience necessary. It is open to anyone regardless of background, religion or spiritual views.

  • Who is this masterclass for?

    Anyone wanting to reduce stress and live a more balanced life. Anyone wishing to understand how to apply spiritual wisdom. Anyone looking to transform their religious beliefs into a deeper experiential practice.

  • What if I cannot afford to doante?

    We understand that some people may find it difficult to donate and as we don't wish to turn anyone away we offer all our courses for free. We do encourage everyone to consider making a donation to help make these courses freely available for those who cannot afford them. We believe everyone should experience spiritual bliss for themselves and we would not want money to be a barrier to benefitting from our services.

Your Guide

Satpal Singh

Spiritual Instructor

Prepare to be inspired by Satpal Singh, the world-renowned spiritual speaker and founder of 'Nanak Naam,' a non-profit YouTube channel dedicated to teaching the ancient spiritual wisdom of Oneness and Mantra-meditation. With over 20 million views online and two decades of experience delivering lectures and leading meditation seminars around the world, Satpal is a true master of his craft. He seamlessly blends his extensive knowledge of ancient spiritual teachings with practical, easy-to-follow techniques that resonate with people from all walks of life. Raised in India, Satpal now resides in London, UK with his wife and two sons, continuing to impact the world with his profound insights and teachings.